In 1986, Mister Charin Nukornavarat established Air People International (API) before that time

In 1980, he has started Global Union Express Co., Ltd., (GUE) a wholly Thai-owned company in Bangkok , initially handling Aeroflot’s passenger and cargo business with great success.

Mister Charin started his career in the aviation business as a ground service officer working at Don Mueang International Airport for several European airlines. He quickly understood the significance of Thailand as the center for air traffic in Southeast Asia, and as an attractive destination for tourists from around the world. He realized that the airline business was essential to the development of Thailand’s economy especially in the tourism and export sectors. GUE quickly expanded its services in outbound and inbound tourist movement to and from Russia, Eastern Europe and Thailand.

In 1982, it became one of the first accredited IATA agents in Thailand. The company also expanded its network of  branches throughout the country to Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket, and has ventures with partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. GUE has extended its services to other areas of travel and transportation in its three decades of operations.

In 1986, it established Air People International (API) and in 1989 this company started acting as the General Sales Agent (GSA) for Czech Airlines. From 1989-2001 it provided an online service for Czech Airlines from Prague-Dubai-Bangkok Transaero Airlines, and Vladisvostok Air.

Today, Air People International Co., Ltd is the GSA for 5 Airlines Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Peach Aviation, Fly Dubai and Vistara in Thailand,  leading the industry into a new era of Airlines services. The company’s corporate division has built a reputation for providing high quality and professional service with the association of its international partner, the global travel company,


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