Product Briefing Vistara


Product Briefing Vistara

Sales team of the API, briefed Vistara product to Siam Express Co., Ltd. on 13 November 2019

Exchange of opinions In order to develop the products and services to match the target

Vistara Airlines is a full service airline. The route that leaves Thailand
Bangkok-Delhi route. Daily direct flight as per below flight time

UK122 BKK-DEL 15: 05-18:15
UK121 DEL-BKK 08: 15-14: 05

and domestic routes within India.

3 classes of service
Business Class seats, Premium Economy class and the Economy class

For more information, please call 02-718-1839, email Vistara@apia #Vistara #Delhi #Airline #flythenewfeeling



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