Inflight Dining

No flight is complete without the ultimate dining experience. Vistara offers the most sumptuous food in the sky, created for every taste and culinary requirement for every cabin class, to ensure you enjoy your meal. Our crew strive to enhance your experience with meticulous service befitting the delicious cuisine that awaits you.

This scrumptious meal gets a makeover every 6 days with multiple gourmet choices for every meal of the day. Whether you fly with us once or multiple times, every meal will be a renewed experience. Accompanying this high-flying attention to detail is our mood lighting that elevate the simplest of flavours and the shortest of journeys.

With Vistara you enjoy a holistic flying experience where every sense is indulged.

Vistara Inflight Dining - Business Class

You enjoy a dining experience comparable to a 5-star restaurant. Relish a 3-course meal that is aimed at balancing health and indulgence. Dine on dishes inspired by world cuisine served on fine bone china with linen while our crew will attend to your every need.

Start your journey with a welcome drink that refreshes you. These cold pressed juices accompany savoury appetizers. The delectable main course offers a choice of non-vegetarian and vegetarian with fresh breads ensuring your meal is to your taste.

Through the course of the meal, you sip on a range of signature mocktails and cold beverages before ending it on a sweet note with the finest desserts in the sky. Round out your experience with a deliciously warm cup of Starbucks coffee or a range of teas that will revitalize and soothe you.

Premium Economy

Your taste buds can now indulge in a lot more for a little more on Vistara. Sink into your seat and relax as we offer you a delicious dining experience. You start your meal with a salad that refreshes and readies your palate for the main course.

The main dish is a delectable sampling suited to a variety of tastes and comprises vegetarian or non-vegetarian or snacks depending on the duration of the flight. Ensure your sweet tooth is satisfied with a mouth-watering dessert to end the meal.

Through the journey you can sample juices, aerated drinks and hot beverages including the iconic Starbucks to keep you vitalised.

Vistara Inflight Dining - Premium Economy Class
Vistara Inflight Dining - Economy Class

Your journey of indulgence begins once you sink into your seat while our crew handles the rest. Vistara offers the best gourmet experience in the sky with wholesome and healthy meals that are made for every taste and culinary requirement. You may choose from vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to satiate your hunger.Complimentary hot meals are served to customers booked on Economy Flexi and Standard fares. Customers booking on Economy Lite fares will be served complimentary hot beverage (tea/coffee). They can enjoy light snacks and select beverages from our Buy On Board menu, effective 29th August 2018. Click here to view the menu.

Starbucks Coffee

Sip freshly brewed Starbucks® coffee as you kick back with Vistara at 35,000 feet. As part of our distinct and premium experience, we are proud to partner with Starbucks® so you can have your favourite coffee when you travel with us.

We serve Starbucks®India Estates Blend – a medium roast coffee with lush herbal notes, hints of citrus and a chocolaty mouth feel. It is the first coffee from India to make its way into the world of Starbucks® and reflects the high quality Arabica coffee available in India. 

On Board Celebrations

Vistara ensures the sky is full of celebrations whether it is a festival or your birthday.

You will never miss a special moment when you are in the sky as we go the extra mile to make your journey fun. We curate menus and add desserts suited to the occasion to bring the joy of every season onboard. For Christmas, our customer could be surprised with special brownies or the colours of Holi could be brought to the sky with traditional selections thandai and ghujiya included in meals.

Relish the happiness of being a child again at 35,000 feet on your birthday. If you happen to fly Vistara on your special day, our crew makes sure to give you a celebration you will never forget. If your loved one is flying Vistara on their birthday, you may pre-order a cake for them by contacting our Customer Service Centre and we will be sure to make their day.

Every experience is elevated when you fly Vistara.

Special Meals

The Vistara experience offers an enhanced journey for all customers, even for your meal requirements. We apply a gourmet approach to special meal requirements, so you dine on the most sumptuous of dishes. We offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for all.

Place your special meal request through our Customer Service Centre or your travel agent up to 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time. If you purchase your ticket on our website, a special meal request can be made at the time of booking your flight. We recommend you keep in mind the following if you require a special meal to ensure we can offer you the best service.

  • Vegetarian, non-vegetarian and fruit platter requests can be made any time up to 5 hours before your flight departs.
  • Please note that we do not include beef, pork or their extracts in our meals. Our inflight non-vegetarian meals are strictly halal.
  • Should you suffer from any severe allergy, please be aware that Vistara is unable to provide an allergen-free meal, cabin or environment on our flights. We recommend that you carry appropriate medication in your hand baggage, in the event of a reaction.
  • Specific to nuts and its by-products, our inflight meals may contain these as an important ingredient or in trace amounts. Customers may also choose to bring their own food containing nuts or its derivatives on board for their personal consumption. As such, we advise customers with nut allergies to take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure on our flight.
A list of special meals that Vistara serves is provided below.
  • Meals for Infants and Children
  • Baby Meal – BBML
    A non-spicy, pureed meal for infants and children below the age of two years. We recommend customers carry food familiar to and preferred specifically for their babies. Vistara provides vegetarian preparation items for baby meals.
  • Child Meal – CHML
  • Vegetarian Meals
    • Asian Vegetarian Meal – AVML
      This non-strict meal can contain vegetables, fruit and milk products. Customers requesting this meal may be offered the vegetarian option in varying cuisine styles from our inflight menu.
    • Fruit Platter – FPML
      This meal may be ordered for dietary or religious reasons. It may also be ordered by members of certain communities who eat only fruit while fasting.
    • Vegetarian Jain Meal – JNML
      A meal suitable for consumption by members of the Jain community who are strict vegetarians. It prohibits the use of animal products or by-products, mushrooms, eggplant, onions, ginger and root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beets, and radishes.
    • Vegetarian Lacto-ovo Meal – VLML
      A non-strict vegetarian meal that can contain eggs and dairy products.
    • Vegetarian Oriental Meal – VOML
      A vegetarian meal that is usually prepared Chinese-style.
  • Non-Vegetarian Meals
    • Non-Vegetarian Meal – NVML/HNML
      A meal available for selection by non-vegetarian customers. Ingredients such as lamb, chicken, seafood, eggs and dairy products are used in its preparation. Customers requesting this meal may be offered the non-vegetarian option in varying cuisine styles from our inflight menu.
      On Vistara flights, beef, pork and their by-products are not served.

    All non-vegetarian meals are certified halal on all flights.

  • Dietary Meals
    (Vegetarian by default. Non-vegetarian preparations can be requested for through our customer service centre*)
    • Bland Meal – BLML
      A meal available for those who suffer from stomach and/or digestive tract ulcers.
    • Diabetic Meal – DBML
      A low-sugar meal that is suitable for customers who are diabetic. This meal prohibits the use of any kind of sugar.
    • Gluten Free Meal – GFML
      Customers allergic or intolerant to gluten (a protein of wheat, barley, oats, or rye) can request for this meal.
    • Low Calorie Meal – LCML
      Customers who have been advised to reduce their calorie intake may request for this meal. It comprises of foods that are reasonably high in fibre and avoids food items that are fatty and sweetened.
    • Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal – LFML
      This meal is available for customers who require a meal that is low in saturated fats.
    • Low Salt / Low Sodium Meal – LSML
      A meal suited for customers who suffer from high blood pressure, it does not contain ingredients with high salt or sodium content.
    • No Lactose Meal – NLML
      Customers who are allergic or intolerant to milk and milk products, or those suffering from low lactose levels can request for this meal.


    *Our Customer Service Centre can be contacted at +91 928 922 8888 for any queries.

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