Important Update, dated March 24, 2019

Due to enhanced security measures at airports nationwide, customers are advised to report for check-in at least 120 minutes prior to departure to allow sufficient time for additional security checks, including secondary checks prior to boarding.

In order to reduce delays during this period of enhanced security checks, Vistara recommends customers minimize their hand baggage, and consider checking in their larger hand baggage such as roll-on bags and strollers whenever possible. Accordingly, and temporarily for the period these enhanced security checks are in place, we will permit pooling of hand baggage allowance with check-in allowance to facilitate these bags being checked in free of cost.

Customers who choose to use this pooled hand baggage + check-in baggage allowance facility will be permitted one smaller piece of hand baggage such as a laptop bag, briefcase, small backpack, or ladies’ purse as hand baggage, and their boarding passes will be marked accordingly.

Please remember that power banks and spare or loose batteries are not permitted in check-in baggage and must be in your hand baggage only Electronic devices such as phones, laptops, toys, and tablets are permitted in check-in luggage only if they are fully switched off.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Team Vistara





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